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Each SPOT edible is precisely infused in 4 specific cannabis types so you can tailor your experience and find exactly the SPOT you want.

sativa: happy & energized
hybrid: balanced & focused
indica: calm & relaxed
cbd: soothing & clear-minded

science + craft

Our craft bakers and confectioners source the best ingredients for their own take on classic recipes. Each delicious edible is handmade locally in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.

We work directly with farms around the state to source well-grown, healthy cannabis for our butter infusions and extracts, allowing us more control and a better product.

We carefully infuse our products with precise amounts of sativa, indica, hybrid and cbd varieties, so you can choose your desired experience, and we test every batch to ensure it’s exactly right.


Born in Seattle, WA in 2014, SPOT quickly set the standard for precisely infused, delicious edibles.

Today we are the leading edible brand and choice of new customers looking to see what all the noise is about. Cannabis can inspire a myriad of experiences and our sole focus is for you to enjoy it, without any undesirable surprises.

Each package clearly shows the type of cannabis experience and potency of the product so it is clear what you are having, and we wrap each unit in a childproof wrapper, because it’s the right thing to do.


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Whether you want to consume cannabis as a beginner or an expert, SPOT gives you a reliably safer, more enjoyable and tastier experience. We craft a range of products from chocolates, baked goods, fruit chews and coconut oils so you can easily integrate the benefits of cannabis into your daily, productive lives.